Diagnosing a Vehicle Battery Problem

Various auto batteries need periodic maintenance with require to be serviced on a standard basis to achieve optimum functioning, though some others are referred to as [maintenance-free], meaning that they don’t require any check.

There are a number of automotive harms that can occur with warning signs that appear similar to a dead battery although, with the proper methods as well as skill, these can straightforwardly be diagnosed prior to you go out and buy a new battery needlessly. For your connivance there are battery tenders accessible that will maintain your battery in maximum condition.

Things You will Need…

>>>Battery testing meter.

>>>Battery load tester.

>>>Open end Wrench(s).


>>>Battery terminal washing solution.

>>>Battery terminal cleaner [some one hundred grit sandpaper works to].


Using a Digital Multimeter to test the batteries voltage level. A battery in ideal running order should read 12.66 volts DC between the positive [+] [RED] and negative [-] [BLACK] terminals. This amount possibly will be a bit higher or lower based upon its volume and producer, however should not be less than twelve volts, as well as no more than 13 volts. When a battery has totally charged and reads a voltage less than 12V at rest, you may need to check out the battery’s water height and top it up if required. If the water height in the battery is Good, it possibly will have to be replaced.

NOTE…If you are not convinced how to confirm the water point, have a certified person check it for you.

Now check the battery terminals for signs of corrosion with lose connections. It’s very customary for oxidization to take shape on the battery terminals. In various cases its very obvious, nevertheless it is still probable for decay to be obscured between the terminal and the connector. This will lead to insufficient charging, similarly a loss of power to the car. Disconnect both terminals and wash them with a battery terminal cleaning mix and a wire brush or [100 grit sandpaper]. Reconnect the battery terminals and tighten them.

The subsequently step is to check that ground cable is correctly grounded. Follow the negative [-] [BLACK] wire from the battery terminal to where it grounds to the frame of the car. Make use of the multi measure to check the resistance between both ends of the wire. A good ground cable will show 0 ohms, or awfully close to it. Any reading further than 1 ohm shows a bad ground union. Do again this another time between the negative terminal and the vehicle’s body ground.

Battery load tester.

Now we’re going to make a load test. Place the Battery Load Tester between the positive [+] [RED] and negative [-] [BLACK] terminals. When this load test is being executed, this meter will demonstrate the battery’s working under a authentic load. If the battery has been adequately charged and fails the load test, replacement of the battery is necessary.

Testing the alternator to find out if its sending adequate power to the battery. With the multimeter to test the battery’s voltage [as per above] with the vehicle turned off. Now start the auto and investigate the voltage reading once more. Whilst the vehicle is running, the voltage ought to read close to 14.4 VDC. If the voltage is reading the constant when the van is running as it is after it’s turned off, otherwise if the voltage drops at the same time as the vehicle is running, the alternator might not be running acceptably and may well need to be changed. If the alternator isn’t properly keeping the battery charged, the signs may be identical like to those that come about with a fading battery.

Some Warnings To Be Aware Of!

>>> Unclean or poorly connected battery terminals are the largely frequent cause for battery related vehicle troubles. Always scrub [try some baking soda & boiling water mixture]and tighten the battery terminals ahead of going out and purchasing a new battery…Always dispose of flat batteries correctly.

>>> Make positively you clean your fingers after handling a battery. [Or better yet wear gloves]. Vehicle batteries possibly will have sulfuric acid, as well as the terminals are normally constructed? of lead. Don’t smoke at the same time as servicing a battery. Hydrogen gas may perhaps be released from particular types of automobile batteries, and an explosion may happen.

>>> Its every time a helpful scheme to maintain your automobile and it’s battery as it should be maintained. There are Battery Tenders available to make certain your battery is in best form and will be ready to start your auto when you need it.